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cabin near mount whitne shown during golden sunrise

Main Cabin

Main Cabin is $120.00 per night
County Hotel Tax 12%
It sleeps up to four with one double bed and two single beds (one in loft) Bedding, pillows and towels not provided

DeLaCour Cabins have no electricity. The main cabin is furnished with a refrigerator, stove, oven, barbeque, hot and cold running water, wall lights, and heat which all run on propane.  It is a wondrous and comfortable place to getaway.

• Indoor Bathroom with Shower
• Outdoor Propane Barbecue
• For Winter Months, Cabin is Heated with Propane

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What Guests Say

“What a truly unique experience my wife, Nancy, and I had there over a couple of days. First, the main cabin was perfect in every way; totally equipped with all the items that we needed for cooking and relaxation, even friendly dogs for casual visits. We took a relatively short hike directly up the canyon from the ranch, viewing assorted wild flowers and the remains of ancient camps, presumably from long ago Sierra hikers. We ventured about in the greater area, hiking around the Alabama rock formations and driving up to the Horseshoe Meadows at some 10,000 feet. However, what really stood out for us was the labor of love that the ranch must be for its owners and occupants!”


More Lodging Options



Tent cabin with one double
& one single bed.

April – October


bungalow outside close

Bungalow with one double
& one single bed.

April – October